woman doing wall painting, standing near ladder

Summer Property Management Tips

Since plenty of people will be looking for new homes in the summer, it’s a great time for property owners to get their affairs in order. As an added bonus, performing outdoor maintenance tasks allows you to spend time outdoors and enjoy the weather. However, you may not know where to start. We’ve listed some helpful summer property management tips below to help you stay on top of your game this year.

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Mother suffering from noise upstairs

How to Handle Noise Complaints

Handling noise complaints from tenants is difficult, but it’s essential for a good property owner-tenant relationship. If a tenant complains about noise from another tenant, it’s the property owner’s responsibility to handle the issue. Ultimately, the goal is to eliminate the problem and keep both tenants happy. There is no easy way to address noise complaints, but these helpful suggestions will enable you to do so in a polite, yet firm way.

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