All About the Fair Housing Act: For Landlords

As a landlord, whether or not you work with a property management company, one of the most critical pieces of legislation that you need to abide by is the Fair Housing Act (FHA). While you can use a variety of factors like criminal history, credit score and renting history to influence your tenant decisions, there are other factors you are forbidden from considering.

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What Are Seniors Looking for in a Rental Property?

You might not think of senior citizens when you think of people searching for a quality rental in the Denver area, but seniors are one of the fastest growing segments of the renter population! If you are interested in catering to this segment of the tenant population, it’s critical to understand what seniors are looking for in a rental property.

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5 Warning Signs of Problem Tenants at Your Rental Property

The tenant screening process is critical to ensure you avoid problem tenants at your rental property. Many things that your tenants need are obvious, like enough income to satisfy monthly rent and utility obligations. However, other warning signs of problem tenants are harder to detect. At All County Denver South Property Management, we work hard to prevent problem tenants at your rental property.

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