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Why Property Managers Should Perform Rental Inspections Every Year

It’s always great news when loyal tenants who always pay rent on time are interested in signing multi-year leases or staying at your property for many years. This steady income prevents you from spending the additional costs associated with finding new tenants, and it also makes sure that great tenants are staying in as many units as possible. However, wear and tear can get out of hand if you aren’t performing rental inspections every year. What are some of the reasons you should make sure that rental inspections are performed annually at your property?

Find Damage Before It Worsens

When you do not check on properties regularly through rental inspections, you might not realize that damage has occurred until it has worsened dramatically. For example, if you notice a small amount of discoloration or damp material on a ceiling, you can proactively address the source of the water before things get worse and you have an emergency on your hands. The same is true for pest problems. What seems like a minor problem today can turn into a serious issue tomorrow.

Check Out Tenant Maintenance

Rental inspections are also a way to make sure that your tenants are properly maintaining the things specified in their leases. Are the kitchens and bathrooms kept reasonably tidy? If it is their responsibility, are they changing out the furnace filter? Are there obviously broken elements in the apartment that they should have made maintenance requests for? During your inspection, you have the opportunity to ensure everything is on track.

Ensure a Safe Environment

As a property manager, you need to make sure that all of the tenants are living in a safe living space, as you are liable for problems due to a lack of maintenance. By conducting a rental inspection annually, you will be able to make sure that appliances are working properly, security measures are intact, and that alarms like the carbon monoxide alarm and smoke detector are still working.

Explore Upgrade Options

Finally, rental inspections are also a chance for you to find good upgrade opportunities to improve property value and reward your most loyal tenants. If you are able to notice dishwashers or other appliances that should be replaced early, you can budget for replacement and complete a proactive upgrade.

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