if your tenants are happy

Here’s How You Can Tell if Your Tenants are Happy

If your tenants are happy, it’s likely that you know a thing or two about running a great business. While the key to success certainly lies in understanding marketing and number-crunching, building people skills is equally important. The most successful landlords are able to balance the two to keep tenants pleased.

It is a good idea to take a step back and see what your tenants are saying about you and your property. Additionally, a landlord can gain insight into the happiness of his or her tenants by asking direct questions and communicating openly. If possible, you may want to consider sending out a yearly survey to track tenant satisfaction levels.

How Can You Tell if Your Tenants are Happy?

They Pay Their Rent On Time

It’s true that tenants are obligated to pay their rent on time, especially if they don’t want to be evicted. However, this is also a great way to know if your tenants are happy. In most cases, tenants who are content with their living situation are also responsible. As a business owner, it’s your job to keep up with repairs, maintenance, and other tasks that make tenants comfortable. When tenants pay on time, they keep up their end of the bargain. They respect their landlord and want to make sure they follow through.

They Communicate with You Often

If your tenants are happy, they won’t be afraid to get in touch with you. Whether the water pressure in their shower is low or they need to make a noise complaint, renters will gladly turn to you for assistance. Unhappy tenants, on the other hand, may avoid communicating altogether. Maintenance issues may go unreported for longer periods, which could cost you more money over time. Tenants might not alert you to unlawful actions in the building. When tenants do reach out, they may seem nervous or evasive. Have you reacted to a situation poorly in the past? If so, you should find ways to strengthen your relationships with tenants. They should be able to trust you and rely on your guidance.

They Renew Their Lease

Tenants who can’t wait to find better living arrangements are probably not happy with your property. They may try to get out of their lease early or leave at the first available opportunity. To know if your tenants are happy, pay attention to their actions when it comes time to renew their lease. Plenty of renters move on to other properties due to a change in circumstances, but others are disappointed by their experience. If this is the case, it probably won’t be difficult to tell the difference. You may be alerted to this by online reviews and direct feedback.

If most of your tenants are eager to renew and have very few complaints, they are probably content. With that being said, it’s best not to make assumptions. Always check in with your tenants regularly to ensure they’re pleased with the services you provide.

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