Last-minute Halloween Tips

Keep Your Tenants Safe with These Last-Minute Halloween Tips

Witches, mummies, ghouls and vampires will be descending on your property soon, but believe it or not, that shouldn’t be your #1 concern. Halloween also brings out spooky décor, crowds of children, and late-night revelers. Safety hazards are more likely due to increased risks on Halloween, so it’s important to stay vigilant. The goal is to ensure that your tenants have fun and don’t end up in the emergency room at the end of the evening. You also don’t want to be held liable for any accidents or misbehavior on the property. These last-minute Halloween tips should help you cover your bases so that when night falls, your only task will be handing out candy.

Keep Your Tenants Safe with These Last-Minute Halloween Tips

Make Sure Outdoor Areas are Lit Properly

With trick-or-treaters wandering around the property, you’ll want to be sure the area is well-lit. Costumes often include trip hazards in themselves (capes, masks, bulky outfits) but you can’t control what your tenants choose to wear. What you can do is make sure all areas are visible so parents and kids can see where they’re going. Additionally, criminal activity is much more common in dark, shadowy spots. Prevent this by repairing any damaged lights and installing new fixtures before Halloween night.

Remind Tenants about Fire Safety Protocol

This is a crucial last-minute Halloween tip that many landlords forget. Do your lease agreements prohibit candles? Are tenants allowed to place lit jack-o-lanterns outside their units or on balconies? Now is a good time to remind them of your regulations. If possible, suggest safer flameless or battery-operated options. You should also consider checking your smoke alarms to ensure everything is in working order. No landlord wants a fire on their property late on Halloween night; that would be worse than a horror movie jump scare!

Remove Tripping Hazards from Walkways

Hallways and outdoor walkways are filled with all sorts of clutter. Take the time to rake the leaves, remove debris, and clean common areas before Halloween. That way, little ghouls and goblins won’t trip over anything on the way to their next treat!

Stop Crazy Parties Before They Start

One final last-minute Halloween tip: remind tenants that the holiday isn’t an excuse to let rules fall to the wayside. If someone is planning a party, be sure to check in with them about the number of people invited and the duration of the event. Not everyone celebrates Halloween, and this year it falls on a Monday. That means a lot of neighbors will be upset if loud music is blasting through the walls at 2AM.

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