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How to Handle Noise Complaints

Handling noise complaints from tenants is difficult, but it’s essential for a good property owner-tenant relationship. If a tenant complains about noise from another tenant, it’s the property owner’s responsibility to handle the issue. Ultimately, the goal is to eliminate the problem and keep both tenants happy. There is no easy way to address noise complaints, but these helpful suggestions will enable you to do so in a polite, yet firm way.

Assess the Validity of the Complaint

Unfortunately, not every noise complaint you receive will be legitimate. Some tenants are highly sensitive, and even the most insignificant noises can be perceived as disturbances. There is no way to completely eliminate noise when you live in a complex with other people. With that being said, it’s also important for tenants to respect one another and know each other’s limits. In order to tell if a complaint is valid, you may have to visit both parties multiple times. Consider asking the individual who made the complaint to contact you immediately when they hear excessive noises. That way, you can make a determination yourself. What do you hear? Is the individual making noise at inopportune hours? If you believe the complaint is valid, get in touch with the tenant who is causing the disturbance.

Communicate with Both Parties

Communication is key when it comes to noise complaints. However, you don’t want your tenants to be the ones doing the communicating. Tempers can flare in these situations and make a bad situation worse. While it can be frustrating to play the referee when you’re a property manager, sometimes it’s necessary. Speaking with both parties separately in person is the best way to go. Always communicate with the person who made the complaint first and verify the issue before reprimanding anyone. From there, get in touch with the person accused of making too much noise. Be friendly in your approach, but make sure they understand that it shouldn’t happen again. In addition, you’ll want to speak with the person who made the complaint again to let them know you addressed the issue.

What to Do if the Issue Persists

Every noise complaint is different. For instance, if one of your tenants throws a large party and disrupts a family trying to put a newborn to sleep, that could be a one-time issue. However, let’s say these parties start occurring weekly. In that scenario, you’ll have to take further steps to address the ongoing complaint. The first time it happens, give the individual a warning and ensure they comprehend the seriousness of the situation. If it becomes a recurrent issue, you’ll have to discuss the violation under the terms of the lease agreement. The tenant may be faced with a fine or the threat of eviction depending upon the severity of the incident(s). Eviction should always be the last resort, but unfortunately it may be necessary if the individual doesn’t change their behavior.

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