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How to Make Your Rental Property Eco-Friendly

Making your rental property eco-friendly doesn’t have to be a hassle. With just a few easy steps and a little bit of planning, you can make your property a home that’s as green as it is stylish. In today’s world, more and more renters are looking for sustainable homes. They appreciate when property owners go above and beyond to make energy-efficient choices. Making your property eco-friendly doesn’t only protect the environment, however; it also saves money. Whether you’re a landlord, property manager, or renter, you know that the environmental impact of your property can have a major impact on your bottom line. Take your rental property to the next level and reduce your carbon footprint with these steps.

Upgrade Your Insulation

Your tenants will certainly notice if your insulation is inadequate. Even if they turn up the thermostat, there will still be a chill in the air. The same can happen with warm air in the summer. When air leaks like this occur, your HVAC has to work twice as hard to keep up. Unfortunately, the extra effort isn’t worth it because half of the cool or warm air escapes. This racks up your energy bill and it’s incredibly wasteful. To mitigate this problem, make sure to caulk windows (especially if they’re older) and insulate your property correctly. Your tenants, and Mother Earth, will thank you.

Maintain Your HVAC

Ideally, your HVAC should last between 15 and 25 years. If you don’t maintain your equipment, it’ll cost you, and it’ll end up in a landfill sooner. As a property owner, you have other costly tasks to complete throughout the year. Repairing and replacing your heating and cooling system is a burden you want to avoid. Rather than putting off tune-ups, schedule regular maintenance in advance to keep your system running the way it should. Your tenants will appreciate having reliable heating and cooling, and you’ll benefit from making an eco-friendly choice.

Install LED Bulbs and Energy-Saving Appliances

LED bulbs are much more eco-friendly than other lighting options. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, increasing the usage of LED bulbs over the next 15 years could prevent over 250 million metric tons of carbon emissions. Additionally, they last 20-25 times longer than a halogen bulb. By making this easy switch, you can greatly reduce your energy consumption. Ultimately, this means you’ll also save plenty of money. You won’t have to replace your bulbs often, either, which will save you time. From an environmental perspective, they won’t contribute to waste the same way other bulbs do and LED bulbs can fit in almost any lighting fixture. If they aren’t compatible with your lighting, a retrofit kit can be used to install them easily.

How All County Denver South Can Help

All County Denver South Property Management is here to help property owners have confidence in the quality of their tenants and the security of their property through knowledgeable and trustworthy property management services. From managing tenant relationships to lease enforcement, we look forward to working with you to see how your investment can be a long-term, stress-free asset. For a complimentary quote, or to learn more about eco-friendly options, call us at (720) 664-4550.

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