Understanding the Lead Paint Disclosure

The lead paint disclosure has become a normal part of signing leases for tenants— but if you’re a new landlord putting together your lease for the first time, making sense of whether you need the disclosure and how to present it can be intimidating. Lead poisoning is still a serious issue, as any building built before 1978 may still contain lead paint. Read on for our breakdown of the lead paint disclosure and how to use it. Continue reading

The Basics Of Subletting For Landlords

What is Subletting?

Subletting is when a tenant has another person take over their rental for a period of time— often because they’ll be away for a time on vacation or traveling for work, or circumstances are requiring them to vacate the lease early. The original tenant is typically still liable for rent payments, any damages done to the property, or any other breach of the lease agreement.

Most states and cities don’t allow landlords to completely disallow subletting; however, there are restrictions you can put in place. In Colorado, landlords are legally not allowed to deny a reasonable request to sublet, but the request must be submitted in writing, and must follow any clauses previously set out in the original lease agreement. What will that look like for you practically? Let’s dive in. Continue reading