4 Trends to Avoid When Renovating a Rental Property

Some styles are destined to stand the test of time (or at least the test of the decade), while other interior design styles are trends that will be replaced by something new in a short period of time. As a landlord renovating a rental property, it can be tough to determine whether your renovation will add to the home’s beauty in the short term or long term. What are some of the trends that you should avoid when renovating a rental property?

4 Trends to Avoid When Renovating a Rental Property

  1. Weathered Cabinets and Drawers: The distressed or weathered wood look is very trendy right now, and they might remain on-trend for the immediate future. However, just like jeans that are already distressed when you purchase them, this limits who the look will appeal to and can even decrease the lifespan of the wood. Instead, focus on neutral wood finishes or mid-tone neutral paint colors.
  2. Faux Finishes on Walls: Another trend right now when renovating a rental property is to experiment with faux finishes on the walls, like faux wood or faux marble. This might attract renters today in the short-term who love this trend, but paint is always a better choice than a faux finish. Choose neutral colors like ivory or soft yellow that make it easy to change up the interior design without needing to paint the walls.
  3. Statement Flooring: A patterned tile floor and other statement patterns, like checkerboard, can feel trendy and modern when you are renovating a rental property but rapidly turn into something that dates the place. Instead of investing in more eccentric designs, focus on durable and functional flooring that will stand the test of time.
  4. All-White Bathrooms: One of the biggest trends today when renovating a rental property is white-on-white bathrooms. These bathrooms look crisp, clean and fresh, so it’s easy to understand why they are so popular! However, white tile, paint and flooring will only highlight oil, grime and stains over time. Even if your renters take excellent care of the space, a white-on-white bathroom will almost never stay pristine for very long.

All County Denver South Property Management Can Help When Renovating a Rental Property

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