What to Do When a Tenant Leaves Their Tenant Belongings Behind After Move-Out

Whether they were intentionally leaving items behind or just in a rush to leave, in many move-outs, tenants will leave some of their belongings behind.  That presents a problem to landlords looking to quickly clean and flip the space for the next tenant to arrive. What should you do when you have tenant belongings left behind in Colorado?

What Is Tenant Property?

Tenant belongings can include a broad range of things, including:

  • Everything that belongs to the tenant
  • Items stored in a basement, attic or garage
  • Cars or vehicles parked on the property
  • Fixtures that they owned

The options that you can take when dealing with tenant belongings depend on how the tenancy came to an end.

How Can I Get Rid of Tenant Belongings?

If the tenant was evicted and you received a writ of restitution, the tenant can be locked out of the property and you no longer have any obligation to store or maintain the tenant belongings. Before you place large objects like mattresses and furniture by a dumpster for pickup, you should first check any local restrictions that govern what items cannot be placed by the curb.

If your tenant moved out of the property voluntarily but accidentally left some of their belongings behind, you must wait for a specific length of time (at least 30 days from the last day that you had contact with the tenant) before you dispose of it. Colorado law requires that, if you have any reason to believe the tenant has not abandoned the property and will return, you should continue to store it. You have to provide the tenant with 15 days (minimum) of written notice before disposing of, selling or giving away abandoned tenant belongings. You need to use certified mail, request a return receipt signed by the tenant and mail the notice to the last known address of the tenant.

If a tenant left behind tenant belongings but also owed you money, you are able to sell any legally abandoned property to cover the balance due to you. If you are unsure of whether or not you can proceed, rest assured that working with a skilled property management company like All County Denver South Property Management can ensure the right steps are taken every time.

All County Denver South Property Management Is Here to Help Your Property Thrive

All County Denver South Property Management is here to help property owners get the best return on their investment through knowledgeable and trustworthy property management services. From managing tenant relationships to lease enforcement, we look forward to working with you to see how your investment can be a long-term, stress-free asset. For a complimentary quote, call us today at (720) 664-4550.

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